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Now, in the second decade of its existence, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is being transformed into a major regional center of education. The increasing number of students from BiH, the Balkans, Europe, but also from other continents, decide to complete their education or specialize in their field at the IUS. In order to attract the attention of such a diverse audience it is necessary to maintain a dynamic communication, to inform properly, and provide all the necessary information.

Public relations are very important for every university, even though the work of PR is not always visible. It is in human nature to have one’s way of understanding about most things in life based on what our environment thinks of them. To attract the attention, make good impression and build trust as well as good reputation is not an easy task to accomplish; to achieve this, you need to have an exceptional communication based on strategic goals, planned daily activities, care about the target audience, and the desire to earn real trust and support for what you do.

It is extremely important for each institution to maintain quality communication with all of its stakeholders and target groups, both in the internal or external communication.  We provide adequate and quality information about the IUS to social, political and industry sectors. Our vision is to create and maintain long-term relationships, and to plan and maintain consistent communication that supports objectives of IUS. Our task is to implement a successful strategy based on the competitive advantages of the University, by taking into account the needs and interests of students, in order to strengthen their trust in the University, be it in Bosnia or elsewhere.

If you want to find out more about the International University of Sarajevo then you have come to the right place. We are on your disposal to provide you with the right information and materials, and to direct you to the right sources. If you are interested into a particular activity at the University, we will direct you to the right departments and sources where you can get more information.


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